Transnational seminar in Porto

Transnational seminar in Porto

International meeting in Porto on the GOOD WOOD project of the European Commission

A transnational meeting of the partners of the GOOD WOOD project of the European Commission was held in Porto, Portugal, the aim of which is to stimulate the eco-social dialogue in the logging and wood processing sector following the introduction of the circular economy . Representatives of the BCCI, the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster and the Podkrepa Confederation of Labor took part in the event on the Bulgarian side.

At the heart of the discussion was the accelerated introduction of the circular economy in the sector, the recycling of wood processing waste and how these new trends should be reflected in the social dialogue so that it becomes a "green" eco-social dialogue. The idea launched by the participants was to insert eco-clauses in the sector collective agreements.

It was unanimously agreed that a sustainable targeted policy is needed to accelerate the introduction of the circular economy in the woodworking sector, as well as in other sectors of the economy.

Particular attention was paid to the implications for the circular economy for employers and employees, as well as how it will affect their relationships. The circular economy places new demands on managers and workers. The former should introduce changes in the organization and management of production. Workers, in turn, need to acquire new skills and qualifications. Both parties are expected to change their way of thinking and their attitude towards the production process, society and nature.

The project is monitored directly by the EC and other European institutions, whose representatives will take part in the final conference.

Fact-finding visits were organized to the Research Institute of the University of Guimaraes, where new products are created from the recycling of organic waste and biomass, as well as to a woodworking furniture company of the VICAIMA group, where the practical application of eco-design.