The second transnational seminar in Porto

The second transnational training seminar of the European Good Wood project, of which Confapi is the leader and in which it participates with a partnership of three other countries, took place in Oporto on 17 and 18 October. On October 17 was held the seminar entitled "The sustainable economy in the labor market in the European Union, with particular reference to the wood sector", in which the President of AIMMP Vitor Poças spoke. In addition, two case studies were presented to the participants. The first of the VICAIMA company, where the director of human resources Carlos Ribeiro illustrated the challenges that companies in the sector must face to train their employees and to modify production processes and innovate products to facilitate the implementation of the economy circular. Subsequently was presented the experience of the waste valorisation center of the University of Minho with the intervention of Jorge Araújo. A study visit took place on the second day. The partners had the opportunity to visit the Waste Valuation Center of the University of Minho, a private non-profit institution that provides research, scientific analysis and application of real solutions in the field of waste recovery. The Center has developed numerous waste recovery projects and the focus of the study visit was on two of those they are currently working on and which concern the wood industry:

• waste recovery and appreciation of wood residues;

• creation of eco-products using wood residues and scraps.

During the mission to Porto, the partners also planned future activities, including the next national seminars and the latest transnational seminar to be held in Sofia in the first quarter of 2020. For more information, visit the website

Confapinews 44- 6 November 2019