Good Wood: the second national seminar

Good Wood: the second national seminar

The second Italian national seminar in Rome



Good Wood: the second national seminar

The second national training seminar of the European Good Wood project, of which Confapi is the leader and in which it participates with a partnership of three countries, Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal, took place on 9 December at the DEI Institute within the framework of Filca General Assembly

The event was characterized by the participation of representatives of industries, trade unions and project partners.

Confapi presented project activities and objectives, Guglielmo Tagliacarne Institute illustrated the wood sector from a national perspective and the European perspective.

It was presented a case study of Panetti Costruzioni a company which produces glasses with coffee grounds  and wood, recicling from the produciton of window fixture.

There has been also a space for a fruitful debate. 

The conclusions were made by the Filca-Cisl National Secretary General Franco Turri.